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org::freedesktop::dbus::bin::DBusDaemon Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A replacement DBusDaemon

Definition at line 57 of file DBusDaemon.java.

Public Member Functions

void addSock (Socket s) throws IOException
void addSock (UnixSocket us)
void run ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String args[]) throws Exception
static void saveFile (String data, String file) throws IOException
static void syntax ()
static void version ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int QUEUE_POLL_WAIT = 500

Package Attributes

DBusServer dbus_server = new DBusServer()
Sender sender = new Sender()

Private Member Functions

List< Connstruct > findSignalMatches (DBusSignal sig)
void removeConnection (Connstruct c)
void send (Connstruct c, Message m, boolean head)
void send (Connstruct c, Message m)

Static Private Member Functions

static void doTCP (BusAddress address) throws IOException
static void doUnix (BusAddress address) throws IOException

Private Attributes

boolean _run = true
Map< Connstruct, Reader > conns = new HashMap<Connstruct, Reader>()
MagicMap< Message,
WeakReference< Connstruct > > 
inqueue = new MagicMap<Message, WeakReference<Connstruct>>("in")
MagicMap< Message,
WeakReference< Connstruct > > 
localqueue = new MagicMap<Message, WeakReference<Connstruct>>("local")
HashMap< String, Connstruct > names = new HashMap<String, Connstruct>()
int next_unique = 0
MagicMap< Message,
WeakReference< Connstruct > > 
outqueue = new MagicMap<Message, WeakReference<Connstruct>>("out")
List< Connstruct > sigrecips = new Vector<Connstruct>()
Object unique_lock = new Object()


class  Connstruct
class  DBusServer
class  MagicMap< A, B >
class  Reader
class  Sender

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