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void org::freedesktop::dbus::Message::populate ( byte[]  msg,
byte[]  headers,
byte[]  body 
) throws DBusException [inline, package]

Create a message from wire-format data.

msg D-Bus serialized data of type yyyuu
headers D-Bus serialized data of type a(yv)
body D-Bus serialized data of the signature defined in headers.

Definition at line 205 of file Message.java.

References extract().

      big = (msg[0] == Endian.BIG);
      type = msg[1];
      flags = msg[2];
      protover = msg[3];
      wiredata[0] = msg;
      wiredata[1] = headers;
      wiredata[2] = body;
      this.body = body;
      bufferuse = 3;
      bodylen = ((Number) extract(Message.ArgumentType.UINT32_STRING, msg, 4)[0]).longValue();
      serial = ((Number) extract(Message.ArgumentType.UINT32_STRING, msg, 8)[0]).longValue();
      bytecounter = msg.length+headers.length+body.length;
      if (Debug.debug) Debug.print(Debug.VERBOSE, headers);
      Object[] hs = extract("a(yv)", headers, 0);
      if (Debug.debug) Debug.print(Debug.VERBOSE, Arrays.deepToString(hs));
      for (Object o: (Vector<Object>) hs[0]) {
         this.headers.put((Byte) ((Object[])o)[0], ((Variant<Object>)((Object[])o)[1]).getValue());

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