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Object [] org::freedesktop::dbus::Message::extract ( String  sig,
byte[]  buf,
int[]  ofs 
) throws DBusException [inline]

Demarshall values from a buffer.

sig The D-Bus signature(s) of the value(s).
buf The buffer to demarshall from.
ofs An array of two ints, the offset into the signature and the offset into the data buffer. These values will be updated to the start of the next value ofter demarshalling.
The demarshalled value(s).

Definition at line 1030 of file Message.java.

References extractone().

      if (Debug.debug) Debug.print(Debug.VERBOSE, "extract("+sig+",#"+buf.length+", {"+ofs[0]+","+ofs[1]+"}");
      Vector<Object> rv = new Vector<Object>();
      byte[] sigb = sig.getBytes();
      for (int[] i = ofs; i[0] < sigb.length; i[0]++) {
         rv.add(extractone(sigb, buf, i, false));
      return rv.toArray();

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