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static int org::freedesktop::dbus::Message::getAlignment ( byte  type  )  [inline, static]

Return the alignment for a given type.

Definition at line 731 of file Message.java.

Referenced by align(), appendone(), extractone(), and pad().

      switch (type) {
         case 2:
         case ArgumentType.INT16:
         case ArgumentType.UINT16:
            return 2;
         case 4:
         case ArgumentType.BOOLEAN:
         case ArgumentType.FLOAT:
         case ArgumentType.INT32:
         case ArgumentType.UINT32:
         case ArgumentType.STRING:
         case ArgumentType.OBJECT_PATH:
         case ArgumentType.ARRAY:
            return 4;
         case 8:
         case ArgumentType.INT64:
         case ArgumentType.UINT64:
         case ArgumentType.DOUBLE:
         case ArgumentType.STRUCT:
         case ArgumentType.DICT_ENTRY:
         case ArgumentType.STRUCT1:
         case ArgumentType.DICT_ENTRY1:
         case ArgumentType.STRUCT2:
         case ArgumentType.DICT_ENTRY2:
            return 8;
         case 1:
         case ArgumentType.BYTE:
         case ArgumentType.SIGNATURE:
         case ArgumentType.VARIANT:
            return 1;

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