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org::freedesktop::dbus::Message::Message ( byte  endian,
byte  type,
byte  flags 
) throws DBusException [inline, protected]

Create a message; only to be called by sub-classes.

endian The endianness to create the message.
type The message type.
flags Any message flags.

Definition at line 174 of file Message.java.

References append(), BUFFERINCREMENT, and preallocate().

      wiredata = new byte[BUFFERINCREMENT][];
      headers = new HashMap<Byte, Object>();
      big = (Endian.BIG == endian);
      bytecounter = 0;
      synchronized (Message.class) {
         serial = ++globalserial;
      if (Debug.debug) Debug.print(Debug.DEBUG, "Creating message with serial "+serial);
      this.type = type;
      this.flags = flags;
      append("yyyy", endian, type, flags, Message.PROTOCOL);

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