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org::freedesktop::dbus::Message Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::freedesktop::dbus::Message:

org::freedesktop::dbus::Error org::freedesktop::DBus::NameAcquired org::freedesktop::DBus::NameLost org::freedesktop::DBus::NameOwnerChanged

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Detailed Description

Superclass of all messages which are sent over the Bus. This class deals with all the marshalling to/from the wire format.

Definition at line 36 of file Message.java.

Public Member Functions

int align (int current, byte type)
void append (String sig, Object...data) throws DBusException
void appendint (long l, int width)
long demarshallint (byte[] buf, int ofs, int width)
Object[] extract (String sig, byte[] buf, int[] ofs) throws DBusException
Object[] extract (String sig, byte[] buf, int ofs) throws DBusException
String getDestination ()
int getFlags ()
Object getHeader (byte type)
String getInterface ()
String getName ()
Object[] getParameters () throws DBusException
String getPath ()
long getReplySerial ()
long getSerial ()
String getSig ()
String getSource ()
byte[][] getWireData ()
void marshallint (long l, byte[] buf, int ofs, int width)
void pad (byte type)
void setSource (String source) throws DBusException
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static long demarshallint (byte[] buf, int ofs, byte endian, int width)
static long demarshallintBig (byte[] buf, int ofs, int width)
static long demarshallintLittle (byte[] buf, int ofs, int width)
static int getAlignment (byte type)
static String getHeaderFieldName (byte field)
static void marshallintBig (long l, byte[] buf, int ofs, int width)
static void marshallintLittle (long l, byte[] buf, int ofs, int width)

Static Public Attributes

static final byte PROTOCOL = 1

Protected Member Functions

void appendByte (byte b)
void appendBytes (byte[] buf)
 Message ()
 Message (byte endian, byte type, byte flags) throws DBusException
void setArgs (Object[] args)

Protected Attributes

long bytecounter
byte flags
Map< Byte, Object > headers
byte protover
long serial
byte type
byte[][] wiredata

Static Protected Attributes

static long globalserial = 0

Package Functions

void populate (byte[] msg, byte[] headers, byte[] body) throws DBusException

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

int appendone (byte[] sigb, int sigofs, Object data) throws DBusException
void ensureBuffers (int num)
Object extractone (byte[] sigb, byte[] buf, int[] ofs, boolean contained) throws DBusException
void preallocate (int num)

Private Attributes

Object[] args
boolean big
byte[] body
long bodylen = 0
int bufferuse = 0
byte[] pabuf
int paofs = 0
int preallocated = 0

Static Private Attributes

static final int BUFFERINCREMENT = 20
static byte[][] padding


interface  ArgumentType
interface  Endian
interface  Flags
interface  HeaderField
interface  MessageType

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